December 10, 2018

Jacob’s Well – Wimberly, Texas (just to let you know… no way I’m doing this…)

DIY: (this is so cool – might want to have a fan available though)

Recycled Flowers

RecycledFlowersSupplies Needed:

  • Clear plastic plates, cups, bowls, shot glasses, etc. – look for recycling number 6
  • Sharpies
  • Cloth covered stem wire, 18 gauge
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Terracotta pots, floral foam, vases for display (optional)

Invention:mauveMauve, that pretty shade of purple, was actually created during a failed pharmacology experiment.

In 1856, 18-year-old chemist William Henry Perkin of the U.K. was trying to create a medicinal treatment for the mosquito-borne disease malaria.

His attempt to craft an artificial form of quinine didn’t go quite as expected. But the residue from an experiment with coal tar led Perkins to an entirely new business venture. The lilac-colored dye he extracted proved well-suited for fabrics, including silk, and sparked a Victorian-era fashion sensation embraced by royalty. It remains popular to this day and set the stage for the many artificial dyes that would go on to be perfected for a wide spectrum of colors.

In Simon Garfield’s Mauve: How One Man Invented a Color That Changed the World (W.W. Norton & Co., 2002), Perkins is credited for bringing a needed dose of excitement to the field of organic chemistry that, in turn, led to advancements in medicine, consumer goods (cosmetics and perfume) and industrial uses (food flavoring, explosives and bleaching agents).


Mammillaria Gracilis Vetula Oruga Blanca

Long Name:

Äteritsiputeritsipuolilautatsijänkä, Finland

This 35 letter word name is the longest one worded place name in Finland and the second longest in Europe. It is the name of a bog region in Finnish Lapland. A pub owner registered his premises under this name after being frustrated in his last two attempts of trying to register with other names and failing. He decided on this long name because he knew there was no way that anybody else would have it. It is not a Finnish word and has no actual reported meaning. It is most likely gibberish.


Hair of the Dog that Bit You

This term for a hangover cure is another medieval saying, originating from the belief that once bitten by a rabid dog, the victim would be cured by applying the same dog’s hair to the wound.



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